The project summary

The Project Summary

Although the profession of shepherd is one of the professions that is of great importance for the welfare of all countries, it is about to disappear. While the number of sheep and goats continues to increase in Europe and our country, businesses find it difficult to find conscious shepherds to manage their herds. Therefore, it applies to reduce the number of animals in the enterprise. Despite the high number of sheep and goats in our city, there are not enough shepherds to manage these herds. There are deficiencies in the level of consciousness of our existing shepherds according to European standards.

If we cannot make our shepherds more conscious or an awareness of the shepherding profession

If we cannot create it, the yield obtained in sheep and goat farming will also decrease. Therefore, it will negatively affect the national economy. The aim of the project is to increase the awareness of the shepherding profession and to raise the awareness of our existing shepherds to European standards and thus to increase the productivity of sheep and goat production, including meat and dairy products.

Objectives of the Project;-

1-To make the shepherds realize their importance in the sector

2- To increase the awareness of our shepherds about sheep and goat breeding

3- Raising the welfare of the shepherds

4- Increasing animal welfare practices in small cattle businesses

5- The adoption and implementation of new understanding in sheep and goat farms

6- Developing better strategies to improve the small cattle businesses

7- To ensure that the enterprises are produced in accordance with the European Animal Welfare criteria

The project will be carried out with 7 partners in total. 2 short term training events will be organized in the project. The first of these trainings will be held in Serbia and the second in Greece. The aim of these trainings is to adopt new approaches for vocational education and to ensure that this method is reflected in professional skills. After these trainings, the professional competencies, knowledge and skills of the participants will increase.

Also; This project will provide the participants with the opportunity to use these new learning methods in their own businesses, institutions and organizations by seeing good practices in place.

Within the scope of the project, local training courses will be organized in order to increase the awareness of the shepherding profession and to reach the shepherds in wider masses and increase the level of awareness.

These courses will include reshaping the extinct profession of shepherd to European standards, the skills of local sheep and goat breeds in nature and different shepherd cultures.

In order to solve the problem of shepherds’ being social and distant from society due to their profession,

An information platform will be created that they can reach.