“ERASMUS+ SHEPHERD BRIDGE” Multiplier Event in Greece

The Multiplier Event of the ERASMUS+ SHEPHERD BRIDGE project was held with great success at the premises of the Dairy Vocational School of Ioannina on Tuesday, May 24th 2022. The European project ERASMUS+ SHEPHERD BRIDGE aims to modernize Shepherds’ life in partner countries (Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Spain) through awareness raising and training activities. The event was attended by a significant number of local shepherds and stockbreeders, more than 60 in total. The Regional Governor of Epirus Mr. Alexandros Kachrimanis, the Deputy Mayor for the Agricultural Sector of the Municipality of Ioannina Mr. Vassilios Vlessos, the President of the Association of Mobile Livestock Breeders of Epirus Mr. Ioannis Dekolis, and the President of the Sarakatsani Brotherhood of Epirus Mr. Konstantinos Togas honored with their presence the Multiplier Event, where the main Intellectual Outputs of the project were communicated to local shepherds and stockbreeders.

Dr. Evangelia N. Sossidou, Dr. Konstantinos Rekkas, and Dr. Maria-Anastasia Karatzia presented the main goals and activities of SHEPHERD BRIDGE together with the Intellectual Outputs of the project (e.g. distance learning lessons, a handbook of good practices, a publication for the presentation of the local tribes and the culture of the shepherds, etc.) Local Shepherds had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues concerning their professional activity, their personal, economic and social life, and to exchange views and positions on the issues and problems of the shepherds’ life together with the prerequisite actions required by the stakeholders (state, local government, breeders’ associations, research bodies) to support this important branch of local primary production.

Special thanks are expressed towards the Director of the Dairy Vocational School of Ioannina, Dr. Alexandra Mega, for the support and warm hospitality for this Event, as well as to Mr. Michalis Tsoumanis, former President of the Sarakatsani Brotherhood of Epirus, who presented unique folkloric items from his personal collection from the traditional daily life of the Sarakatsani shepherds.  

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